Type of Chinese makeup brush companies

//Type of Chinese makeup brush companies

makeup brush companies

Type of Chinese makeup brush companies

When many customers look for Chinese suppliers, they will use google or B2B platforms, such as Alibaba. The shortcoming of the Internet is the lack of authenticity and see the size of the company. So the buyer will take risks when you see the company name, can you know the size of the company? In the case of our makeup brush companies. In fact, there are companies of different sizes, so how can you know from the company name which Chinese company it belongs to?

In China, the company structure is not complicated, and many makeup brush companies are owned by SMEs.Therefore, the company name is generally limited, you can see their size and type from the company name.

  • Group

If the company name use group, it means that the company is very large, the group companies aren’t so many. There is basically no group company operating with makeup brush companies.

  • Limited company

The ltd company is more difficult to see whether it is a production or a trading company, scale Medium. If the production enterprise workers are basically less than 500 people. If the trading company is basically less than 100 people, this is basically the case for most of these companies. But there are also some very large companies that use this type. limited is a common name, you can look at their registered capital to confirm the size of the company.

  • Manufacturer

Some of the more powerful manufacturers are also the larger producers of our makeup brush companiesThe business is mainly based on production. Basically, it will also trade itself. they sold to some local traders. The factory environment is good and production standards are normal.

  • Factory

The factory is small in size relative to the manufacturer, family factory is less than 10 people, low standardized in the production department, lack of quality inspection,But the price is also cheap, because the strength is poor, so the price wins, but, such factories are difficult to touch in foreign procurement. They generally do not export directly, and more often cooperate with trading companies.

  • Trade company

The most common companies in export, many companies specialize in trade, earn the difference. A large part of makeup brush companies are such companies, the product catalog is complicated, and what products can be bought and sold.90% of these companies are small, basically between 5-50 people. 

  • Agency

Such companies are a supplement to export trading companies. In order to save financial costs, many companies share an agency. They are not responsible for production or for trade. They are only collecting US dollars, receiving tax rebates, and then giving the export company

The types of companies related to makeup brush companies are basically these, these are more formal. If you have been in business for more than 5 years, there is no way to defraud your money and not give you the goods. About the quality of the product based on your requirements and how much you payforeign buyers can ask the company to show their business license if they are not at ease, the situation of being defrauded is basically non-existent.

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