Is there any channel for wholesale makeup brushes from China?

//Is there any channel for wholesale makeup brushes from China?

wholesale makeup brushes

  Is there any channel for wholesale makeup brushes from China?

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we use wholesale makeup brushes as an example to show you how to get good and cheap Chinese products.

You know that China is the place of production and export of small commodities in the world. Basically, daily necessities all over the world can see made in china,China’s products are cheap and of good quality. Even a box of toothpicks can make a lot of benefits. Many foreign small shops want to import some goods directly from China and sell them in their own stores. But they don’t know Chinese and Chinese wholesale channels, so they can only get products from local wholesalers. In the past, when the Internet was underdeveloped, it was not easy to get a small number of Chinese products, because manufacturers always have minimum quantity requirements. In the current situation, many Chinese factories also do a small amount of wholesale business.

Here are a few channels for getting products from China:                                                                                                                                                                                                 

This is the largest online store of retail products in China. The price is basically the retail price, most stores are the private owner, some stores are factory. There are also overseas editions. If you want to wholesale products, you can talk to the owner about the wholesale price, have more patience to find a few, compare the price and quality, different store owners have different procurement channels. There may be a very strong factory behind them, so don’t be afraid of trouble, compare carefully, you can buy a sample at any time to see the quality, the disadvantage is that the time cost is relatively high.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The same company as Taobao, basically the factory is doing wholesale, the price is low, the direct factory supply, the website page has the factory’s argumentation, first-hand supply, the disadvantage is that you need to understand Chinese, no English version。                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

is especially online platforms for oversea small wholesale, belong to Alibaba company, many customers will be familiar with this platform, the price is also cheap, the order quantity is not high, the product is complete, Product quality is confusing, bad quality is relatively common, and the situation of not shipping also occurs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 is also a good platform, basically similar to Aliexpress, not so high-profile, a good place to take Chinese goods, The downside is that many are small sellers, not factories, so he may not be able to control the source and quality, so you must know more, and be prepared to make losses at any time.

How should we purchase it? Here I use the wholesale makeup brushes as an example to tell you the point of attention of the purchase:

1. First of all, you have to know that these platforms are mainly medium low-end products. If you operate high-quality products, please detour.

2.Specially low-priced products,

don’t buy, many customers see a standard ultra-low-priced product, very excited, thinking that it is cheaper, For example, the wholesale makeup brushes shop’s product is marked with $0.1, which is lower than your imagination, but the wholesale quantity is higher. Basically, this is a scam. When you buy a product from China, you first go to the local market to find out the retail price of this product. The retail price and wholesale price difference of a product are too much. You must be aware that this may be a scam. The cost always exists, and it is not as low as you think. Now China’s labor costs are also quite high.

3. Quality,

this confirmation is more difficult to judge. You can’t see the quality by just a few pictures. The only thing you can do is take a sample to confirm it. Note that for the first time, don’t take too many quantities. If the quality is not good, the loss is not big. Once you confirm that the supplier is of good quality and reasonable price, you should fix it with him, Don’t always change the supplier because other suppliers are cheaper than exist. You may lose the risk every time you change the supplier.

4. Don’t buy some imitation brand online.

The risk of buying imitation brand is likely to be confiscated by the customs, When the money and goods are lost. Sometimes wholesale makeup brushes often see some brands of makeup brushes, such as M.A.C, SIGMA, etc, some very popular brands sold in Europe and the United States, customs finds a small amount to confiscated, a large number of found it is likely to go to jail. So it is not worth it.

5. You can find some free shipping shops, because the shipping cost to foreign countries is relatively high, and the transportation time is longer, basically, it will take another 20 days. In some places, it may take 30-40 days, and you must set aside enough time.

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