Beside custom logo makeup brushes, what products are suitable for custom logo

//Beside custom logo makeup brushes, what products are suitable for custom logo

custom logo makeup brushes

Beside custom logo makeup brushes, what products are suitable for custom logo

Our company mainly produces makeup brushes, so the custom logo makeup brushes are very common. Basically, every customer will ask to print the logo on the handle or the ferrule. After our analysis, these customers basically have two channels. The first printed logo is to highlight their own brand and sell their products through their own channels. The cosmetics companies that sell these cosmetics most often are sold as an accessory. Another kind of logo is used for promotional items. Because the makeup brush is cheap, it is an ideal promotional gift for many makeup brands. It is very popular to bundle cosmetic sales or gifts.

These follow products are the best for the custom logo:

1. Compact mirror

This is also a product that is very suitable for women, but basically, it is used for promotional items. Because of its appearance and low price, it is the best promotional gift for some cosmetics and daily necessities. The quality is high, medium and low. Some luxury brands also use it as a promotional item.

2. Ballpoint pen

The first place of promotional gifts, such as some banks, most like to use ballpoint pens to make promotional items, printing bank logo, everywhere can distribute, the price is really cheap, so some high-end products will not use it as a promotional item, is the relatively low-end Promotional gift.

3. Umbrella

It is an outdated promotional gift, although we often use it, only when it rains, the style is relatively simple, the function is single, so it is not popular in the market, but the logo position is relatively large, others are easier to see company print logo

4. Flashlight

The flashlights here are some gift flashlights, small in style, small in brightness, but more styles, cheaper, it and professional flashlights are not a grade of products, this product only limits gifts.

5. Makeup brushes

Our makeup brush design is as far as possible to leave the position to do the logo, custom logo makeup brushes are the requirements of most customers, the logo position is basically in the handle and ferrule.

6. Cup

Whether it is a glass or a ceramic cup, it is the choice of promotional gifts, custom customer logo, good packaging. The products for the cup are basically some daily necessities, but because the style of the cup is a daily necessity, it is difficult to bind some specific products, which is determined by the preference of the customer.

In addition to the above products, of course, there are many other products suitable for the custom logo.

After talking about the products that can customize logo, let us talk about the printing logo technology. The most common printing logos used in daily production are as follows.

  • Silkscreen

up to four colors, suitable for the flat surface, Manually completed

  • Pad printing

Suitable for four colors, suitable for curved products, such as custom logo makeup brushes handle, which requires printing technology and requires a machine to complete.

  • Hot stamping/silver

only print gold or silver color. You need to find a professional worker to do it.

  • Thermal transfer

Suitable for the color logo, high technical difficulty, minimum order quantity, high proofing cost.

  • Water transfer

not commonly used, can be used in a variety of colors, with need mold, separately developed new printing patterns at high prices

  • Laser Engrave

Suitable for making on metal, such as makeup brush, suitable for making on the aluminum ferrule, cheap, but single color.

Take our custom logo makeup brushes as an example to check whether the logo size is scaled down. Some companies have high logo requirements and do not accept slightly deformed logos. Always pay attention to the printing. Because of the weather, the humidity will affect the color of the printing ink. We have been returned by the customer because the logo printing color is lighter. The lesson is very profound.

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