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V.T Cosmetic custom makeup brushes manufacturer produces and sales difference brush more than 10 years experience, cooperate with many famous brands, such as M.A.C, MAX FACTOR X, HUGO BOSS etc. As a professional manufacturer, we would like to introduce some makeup brush knowledge, let our customer and end consumers understand how to select a good makeup brush, how to quickly clean makeup brush, how to let our customer earn more profit? etc.we will use our professional views to introduce professional knowledge. the makeup brush production and packing will have many secrets.

2710, 2018

Type of Chinese makeup brush companies

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Type of Chinese makeup brush companies When many customers look for Chinese suppliers, they will use google or B2B platforms, such as Alibaba. The shortcoming of the Internet is the lack of authenticity and see the size of the company. So the buyer will take risks when you see the company name, can you know the size of the company? In the case of our makeup brush companies. In fact, there are companies of different sizes, so how can you know from the company name which Chinese company it belongs to? In China, the company structure is not complicated, and many makeup brush companies are owned by SMEs.Therefore, the company name is generally limited, you can see their size and type from the company name. Group If the company name use group, it means that the company is very large, the group companies aren't so many. There is basically no group [...]

1710, 2018

Beside custom logo makeup brushes, what products are suitable for custom logo

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Beside custom logo makeup brushes, what products are suitable for custom logo Our company mainly produces makeup brushes, so the custom logo makeup brushes are very common. Basically, every customer will ask to print the logo on the handle or the ferrule. After our analysis, these customers basically have two channels. The first printed logo is to highlight their own brand and sell their products through their own channels. The cosmetics companies that sell these cosmetics most often are sold as an accessory. Another kind of logo is used for promotional items. Because the makeup brush is cheap, it is an ideal promotional gift for many makeup brands. It is very popular to bundle cosmetic sales or gifts. These follow products are the best for the custom logo: 1. Compact mirror This is also a product that is very suitable for women, but basically, it is used for promotional items. [...]

1510, 2018

Is there any channel for wholesale makeup brushes from China?

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  Is there any channel for wholesale makeup brushes from China? As a makeup brush manufacturer, we use wholesale makeup brushes as an example to show you how to get good and cheap Chinese products. You know that China is the place of production and export of small commodities in the world. Basically, daily necessities all over the world can see made in china,China's products are cheap and of good quality. Even a box of toothpicks can make a lot of benefits. Many foreign small shops want to import some goods directly from China and sell them in their own stores. But they don’t know Chinese and Chinese wholesale channels, so they can only get products from local wholesalers. In the past, when the Internet was underdeveloped, it was not easy to get a small number of Chinese products, because manufacturers always have minimum quantity requirements. In the current situation, [...]

1110, 2018

As a makeup brush manufacturer, how do I view ‘Lilo & Stitch’makeup brush

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As a makeup brush manufacturer, how do I view ‘Lilo & Stitch’makeup brush ‘Lilo & Stitch’ is an animated cartoon from Disney in 2002 that tells the story of a Lilo eccentric young Hawaiian girl and a blue koala called Stitch. Can be seen in detail through。 Recently, there is a stitch makeup brush that is very popular. As one of makeup brush manufacturers with many years of experience, I have some special views on this product. As one of makeup brush manufacturers, how does our inspector confirm that a makeup brush is qualified: Appearance, whether there is a big scratch, whether the product color is correct, the printing position, color, the font is correct Brush head hair, whether there is the odor, whether the color is correct, whether the hair is easy to fall off Is there a gap between the handle and the aluminum tube? Is the gap reasonable? [...]

910, 2018

How do cosmetics stores earn the first pot of gold by selling custom makeup brushes?

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               How do cosmetics stores earn the first pot of gold by selling custom makeup brushes?                                             Let you have your own makeup brush brand What is custom makeup brushes, can your store make more profit by customizing your logo makeup brush? Let me tell you now if you make more profit by selling brand makeup brushes. Female increased status and economic independence In modern society, because of economic development, living conditions are getting better and better, and women’s social status is getting higher and higher. They are no longer staying at home to raise children and raise housework, and more women have good work and social skills. Love beauty is a woman's eternal hobby. Whether she is 8 or 80 years [...]

207, 2018

Everything you need to know about personalized makeup brushes

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                Everything you need to know about personalized makeup brushes We all know that beautiful face is the desire of every human being. Most of us believe in natural products to look pretty and some like to use cosmetics for their makeup routine. Every woman wants to have a makeup kit that has everything in it. She wants to have all lipsticks, eyeliners, makeup brushes and all other beauty related stuff. There are many types of makeup brushes and these brushes are used for different purposes depending upon their design and style. There are personalized makeup brushes that are specially designed for individual needs. Every makeup lover has some personalized makeup brushes in her makeup kit. If you are too lover of cosmetics, private label makeup brushes are perfect for you. The private label makeup brushes don’t simply make it less demanding to apply makeup; it can [...]

506, 2018

How to start a cosmetics business?

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     How to start a cosmetics business? The cosmetics industry is making a big impact on the international market. A lot of millionaires are investing a lot in this sector. Everyone wants to look handsome and beautiful as everyone wants to be appreciated. It means that the demand of makeup brush manufacturers and cosmetics products is never going down. Search the internet and you will find a great demand of custom makeup brushes. Makeup brush suppliers are making a good fortune now a day. Even in the worst days of the market, there was a high demand of cosmetics products. So investing in a cosmetics business is going to be a good decision in the current market. Makeup brush manufacturers are selling these custom makeup brushes and these products are very expensive too. The market seems to be in favor of makeup brush suppliers and makeup brush manufacturers now a day. So let’s jump [...]

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