Natural hair makeup brushes

///Natural hair makeup brushes
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Project Description

Natural hair makeup brushes

Natural hair makeup brushes

 Wood handle with Angled head hair

 Custom different color

 Packing can be customize

 2000pcs MOQ

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Product Spec:

Many people like natural hair makeup brushes, because natural hair is a natural synthesis, there is no chemical composition, many people always feel that the chemical industry is not safe, although many chemical products are advanced technology, things are safe, but always a lot of preference Natural raw materials.

Natural hair makeup brushes

Many animal hairs are natural hair, including hair, goat hair, armpit hair, horse hair, etc. Natural hair makeup brushes use the most wool as goat wool, horse hair, etc. The advantages of goat hair are good quality, cheap, hair Soft, ideal for large brushes, such as foundation brushes, blush brushes, etc. Horsehair harder, suitable for some eyeshadow brush etc.

So how to customize natural hair makeup brushes, in fact, very simple, first send your design, explain the material including the handle, the amount of hair, the diameter of the aluminum tube, we will produce according to requirements, the first production sample to the customer to confirm, confirm After large-scale production, the final shipment inspection will be completed. Shipments will be shipped after satisfaction. We will complete the above steps as required, so customers do not need to worry about it.

Company profile:

Our company is a manufacturer of cosmetic brushes. We produce and sell different makeup brushes over the world. The main markets are Europe and North America, The advantage of our products is fashion design and high quality. Our price is medium in the main producing areas of Chinese makeup brushes,Price and quality determine that our products are very suitable for European and American markets. We don’t like low-price competition. We pay more attention to quality while paying attention to price. Good quality materials are the basis for long-term cooperation with customers.

production step

We not only design makeup brushes by ourselves but we also OEM&ODM makeup brushes. Many foreign customers have their own brand and design capabilities, they hope that we will produce makeup brushes according to their design. natural hair makeup brushes are products that new design according to market and customer requirements. Such products are more competitive in the market. Thereby earning more profits. We also customize many other makeup brushes, the catalog can be viewed.

How to customize makeup brush

We now custom makeup brushes completely according to the requirements of customers so that your makeup brush is unique in the market. There is also a kind of makeup brush that can wholesale in stock, 5 pcs start, cheap, and can be printed logo. Very suitable for some companies that have just started a business.

The detailed parameters of the natural hair makeup brushes are as follows:

Description: Natural hair makeup brushes
Item No. F2023
Packing: OPP bag/PVC bag/paper box
Materials: Wood handle + synthetic hair
Size: 13cm
Unit weight: 28g
Brand: customize

Natural hair makeup brushes 2000 pcs minimum order quantities, a printed logo, It is ok to change the color of the product. If you need it, you can contact us directly. We will quote one to one the first time.

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